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This section lets you choose which icons are displayed in the toolbar, and which shorcuts are used. Check or uncheck icons.

To change a shortcut, click on the relevant line, then press Enter. The only available key definitions are listed below. They can be associated with CTRL, ALT, SHIFT with a plus sign (+). No space must be used:

Up, Down, left, Right, PageUp, PageDown, Home, End, Esc, Enter, F1...F12, A...Z, NumericPlus, NumericMinus, BackSpace, Delete, Insert, Tabulator, SpaceBar.

If you run a default setup without custom shortcuts, Wordfast loads faster. In this case, leave the "Enable custom shortcuts" checkbox unchecked.

Show notifications in status bar

By default Wordfast displays useful information in gray text between source and target segments. You may prefer those notifications to appear in Word's status bar.

Note that notifications can be fine-tuned using Pandora's Box furter settings (see below).

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