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While translating a segment that contains a recognized unit of measurement, WFC should pop up an AutoSuggest box with a set of useful propositions, as follows:

A 300-pound gorilla escaped the zoo.

Un gorille de 3

PL  300-pound -> 135,9 kilogrammes (exact)
PL 300-pound -> 125 kilogrammes (±5%)
PL 300-pound -> 150 kilogrammes (±10%)
PL 300

In the above EN to FR example, typing the number 3 pops up a suggestion for a converted measure. In a non-scientific translation, rounded measures like 125 or 150 can be preferred to the surgically exact 135,9 kilogrammes.

WFC's converter should spot and convert most abbreviated and full measurements, singular or plural, between US customary units and Metric. The source measurement should follow a number, only separated from the number with either a space, or a non-breaking space, or a minus sign (dash, or hyphen). In other words, with the example above, the following formats are recognized:

300 pound, 300 pounds, 300-pound, 300 lb, 300 lb., 300-lb., 300-lb, 300 lbs...

However, the following forms would not be recognized:

300 US pounds, 300-plus pounds, 300 more pounds...

because there is an unrecognized word between the number and the unit.

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