Removing Wordfast Classic

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Automatic removal

Start the main Wordfast Classic window by clicking the last icon in the toolbar, or press Ctrl+Alt+W. In the last tab (the "About Wordfast" tab, which a question mark ? ), click the Remove WFC button. Only the program ( is removed. Ancillary files (setup etc.) are removed on request.

Manual removal

Close Ms-Word. Using your system's file search utility (Windows: "Windows" key + F) search for WORDFAST.* then delete all WFC files that appear. You're done.

WFC does not modify your system in any way, does not add/remove entries to your registry base, does not add/remove fonts, does not create hidden files for protection or for hidden purposes, does not add/delete folders, does not add/remove any DLL etc. Thus, all it takes to un-install WFC is to delete

Important note

Operating systems have hidden or system folders, and Ms-Word's Startup folder may be located in a hidden folder (perhaps like C:\Documents and Settings\...). If this is the case, set your Windows Explorer or your File search utility to browse and display hidden or system folders. To do so in Windows Explorer or in Windows' File search utility, use the Tools/Folder Options menu, then View then Hidden files and folders and make hidden files and folders visible. Other systems may have slightly different methods for making hidden files and folders visible to the file explorer.

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