Installing WFC (MS Word 2011 for Mac)

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Installing WFC 6 in Word:Mac 2011 - Video by CATguru

To install Wordfast Classic in Word:Mac 2011, follow these steps:[1]

  1. Download the Wordfast Classic installation package and extract (unzip) it.
  2. Put the file in any folder you like. Make sure the folder does not have restricted user rights. Do not use the Word Startup folder or the desktop. It is a good idea to create a new folder for this purpose.
  3. In Word, pull down the Tools / Templates & Add-Ins menu.
  4. Click the Open button to browse to and open the file. That's it.

This is done only once.

When you start Word next time, pull down the Tools / Templates & Add-Ins menu and check (activate) the template, which is already there.


  1. Do not open the file as a document in MS Word. Wordfast Classic does not run as a Startup template in Word 2011 and automatic installation in MS Word should be avoided because it can link a corrupted copy of the file to Word 2011, causing problems. If this happens, simply access Word's Startup folder and delete any file you will see there.