Hard drive name blocking Wordfast Classic in Word 2011 for Mac

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This article is for users of Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac who cannot start Wordfast Classic because persistent error messages in Word 2011 block it.


When you attempt to start Wordfast Classic in Word 2011 under OSX, it always fails, with error messages saying typically Compile error in hidden module: M0 and/or Could not open macro storage. When you open Word 2011 and go to Tools / Macro / Visual Basic Editor menu, the VBA Editor would not start either, typically blocked by an error message saying Could not open macro storage.



Good hard drive name shown in Finder

Wordfast Classic cannot run because the Visual Basic for Application (VBA) component in your Microsoft Word 2011 does not work. One typical cause for this problem is an accented, non-Western, or other special character in the name of your hard drive in OSX.


Use Finder to rename your hard drive in OSX and make sure to use non-accented Latin letters only. To do so, open Finder and go to Go / Computer menu (or press Shift+Cmd+c). You will see an icon for your hard drive. If its name contains any accented, non-Latin, or special characters, click the icon of your hard drive, hit the Return key, and rename it. If renaming it this way seems difficult, select your hard drive in Finder and press Cmd+i to open the Information window for your hard drive; change the name in the Name & Extension section. If you still cannot change the name of your hard drive, make sure you have administrator rights with the user account you are using on your Mac.