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This way can be used for the translation of both Excel and PowerPoint files using Wordfast Classic:

  • Open the Excel or PowerPoint file you want to translate.
  • Place the cursor on the first cell or slide with which you want to start translation.
  • Create a new MS Word document and save it.
  • Now, you can start translation pressing Alt+Down. Remember that the Excel/PowerPoint file is still open, but we will work in the Word document.
  • As you can notice, the text of the first cell/slide has been inserted in the Word document as a new open segment.
  • In the Word document, write the translation in the target cell and then move to the next segment using Alt+Down, as usual.
  • In the open Excel/PowerPoint file, you can notice that the translation has replaced the source text.
  • Do not forget to save changes before closing the file.
  • To resume translation, reopen the same Word document and the Excel or PowerPoint file and press Alt+Home.

Translating column by column

By default, Excel files are translated row by row. But if you want to translate an Excel file column by column, activate the PB command ExcelByColumns.

Excluding rows or columns

If you want to exclude some rows or columns from translation, just hide them in the Excel file. After finishing translation, you can show them again.

Translating column A into column B

Translators are sometimes asked to translate strings in column A in an Excel sheet, typing their translations into column B (or any other column). Here are two simple workarounds to help you with such projects:

1. Save a copy of the Excel file and translate it normally. When the job is done, copy the translated column and paste it into column B of the original Excel file.

2. Copy-paste column A into column B in the original Excel file, so you have two identical columns. Set the width of column A to 0 (zero). Wordfast will ignore this column, so you can easily translate column B. At the end of the process, restore the width of column A.

Translating notes only

As for PowerPoint files, you may want to ignore notes or to translate notes only. You can activate the PB command NoPowerPointNotes to skip notes while translating a PowerPoint file or OnlyPowerPointNotes to translate the notes of a PowerPoint file only.

Can we use Pre-translation?

Yes, you can pre-translate Excel or PowerPoint files. Open the relevant translation memory, open the Excel or PowerPoint file requiring translation, and use the "Translate" tool. This will create a pre-translated word document. But if you want also to update the Excel or PowerPoint file during the pre-translation, activate the PB command UpdateOfficeWhenTranslate.

--David_Daduč & Yasmin Moslem 17 November 2009