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Wordfast Classic Getting Started

Interactive Training Guide (based on WF 5.61k)

   New Version of Wordfast Classic
   How to download Wordfast Classic
   Language Codes List
   Wordfast Classic Main Shortcuts

Translation Memories & Glossaries

Quick-Start Presentations

   Translation Memory Common Concepts
   How to install Wordfast Classic
   Creating Wordfast Translation Memory
   Translation with Wordfast Classic
   Terminology Management Concepts
   Creating Wordfast Glossaries
   Using Wordfast Glossaries
       Fuzzy Terminology Recognition 
   Concordance & Reference Search 
   Converting Excel Glossaries into Wordfast Glossaries
   Converting Word Glossaries into Wordfast Glossaries


   Creating & Using Wordfast Translation Memories
       Creating a New Translation Memory
       Opening an Existing Translation Memory
       Starting Translation Using Wordfast
       Displaying Differences Between Matches
       Ending Translation and Resuming it again
       Marking a Segment as "Provisional" for revision
       Cleaning-up Files
   Creating & Using Wordfast Translation Glossaries
       Creating New Wordfast Glossaries
       Opening Existing Wordfast Glossaries
       Adding Terms to Wordfast Glossaries
       Fuzzy Terminology Recognition
       Inserting Term Equivalents from Glossaries
       Searching for Terms in Glossaries
       Defining & Using Placeables.

Data Editor

   Editing TMs & Glossaries in Wordfast Data Editor
       Editing Translation Units or Glossary Entries
       Deleting Translation Units or Glossary Entries
       Searching for Words or phrases
       Copying, Cutting & Pasting Entries
       Data Editor Shortcuts
   Sorting & Replacing in Wordfast Data Editor
       Arranging TUs or Glossary Entries
       Finding & Replacing Words or Phrases
   Manual Filters
       Writing & Applying Manual Filters
       Disabling Manual Filters
   Special Filters
       Merging Translation Memories
       Marking Redundant Entries
       Reversing Source and Target
       Marking Suspicious TUs
       Rewriting as Unicode
       Rewriting Entries Using a Mask
       Exporting TM as TMX

Wordfast Settings

   Wordfast Settings: Part 1
       Fuzzy Threshold
       Segment Colours
       Excluding Abbreviations from Segmentation
   Wordfast Settings: Part 2
       End-of-Segment Punctuation Marks
       Expand/Shrink Segments
       Untranslatable Attributes
       Segmentation Options
       Saving Several Setups
       Machine Translation
   Wordfast Settings: Part 3
       Copy Source

Supplement: Advanced Features

   Excel & PowerPoint Translation
   Pandora's Box (PB) Commands
   VLTM, server-based TM
   TM Attributes
   TM Rules
   Quality Check (QC)

--Yasmin Moslem 06 January 2012