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Version 5.6

  • Custom MT: You can add a new MT engine by configuring it.
Version 5.5

  • TM download filter: A TM can be downloaded filtering on date, user ID or attributes. See TM download option beside format.
Version 5.4

  • Package: You can upload and download a project file from and to Wordfast Pro 5. This package is a compressed file containing selected documents, translation memories and glossaries. For Upload just select a *.glp file and for download choose the new package option.
Version 5.3

  • XLIF: The editor is now mainly based on XLIF. Some formatting bold, italic and underline are displayed with their opening and closing tags. The expand/merge functionality for segments has been improved. Globally this version tightens compatibility with Wordfast Pro 5.
Version 5.2

  • TM edition: Improve TM edition by adding a new tags deletion button in edit tab, adding a new button add TU in TMs and glossaries tab and allowing offline download.
Version 5.1

  • MT languages: Added DeepL to the list of MT engines.
Version 5.0

  • New login pages: More simple, more secure, more mobile friendly.
  • Multilingual UI: The version comes with French and Spanish but is ready to be translated to other languages with a collaborative translation page accessible through your profile.
Version 4.23

  • MyMemory TM import: Contribute your TM to MyMemory or import it private. See the MyMemory choice in the download options.
Version 4.22

  • MT languages: Update new available languages for Microsoft, Google and Yandex.
  • MyMemory MT and TM: When setting MyMemory MT, you can also lookup a MyMemory TM by giving the key.
Version 4.21

  • Internal fuzzy matches: Internal fuzzy matches can be added to the analysis. It need to be enabled in the Pandora's box #17 in the Setup.
Version 4.20

  • Extract unique segments: The Extract frequents tool has been improved adding also the extraction of uniques segments. Go to File tab and use the Extract Frequents button.
Version 4.19

  • Notes Report: You can download a report with segments having a note. Go to File tab and use the Download button, there is a choice for notes. Provisional segments and revisions can be added to the report.
Version 4.18

  • TM and Glossaries setup now available from File tab and TM & Glossaries tab with same functionality. Settings can now be done even when no file is selected or opened.
  • Document Share Beta: New features have been added to document share. A document can now be shared between several users allowing multiple editors to be working at the same time in the document due to a reservation system when opening the document. Check the Wordfast Anywhere Manual for more information.
Version 4.17

  • TM edition: For TM under 100.000 lines, a document extracted from the TM can be opened in the document Panel. because the TM is associated with this document, updating this document update also the TM. The feature Edit a TM is a choice in the TM tools button.
Version 4.16

  • New Aligner: When clicking on the aligner button, You will find the option Wordfast Aligner (copy-paste document text).
Version 4.15

  • Yandex.Translate: New MT engine which need a key but has a free amount of 1,000,000 characters a month.
  • Microsoft Translator remaining bugs solved.
Version 4.14

  • Microsoft Translator: We prepare the configuration to accept the key generated on the new Azure portal.
  • Machine translation: We improve the management of an engine failure. It can be disabled without going to the Setup and the engine can recover by itself as soon as it is avaiable again.
  • Glossary paging for Wordfast Anywhere glossaries. You can now visualize all the terms of a standard WFA glossary and even update them.
Version 4.13

  • Offline mode: Give the possibility to work for a while when there is some Internet or server issue. The segments are save locally and then save automatically to the server when the connection or server is back online. This feature is not working when FireFox is in private navigation mode.
  • Double click: A new configuration is possible to use double click to open, close or close and open by clicking on the segment or the segment source or just the number. See Pandora's box #10.
  • Add a management of unwanted sessions break with automatic recovery and a warning if it is abnormally frequent.
Version 4.12

  • Unit convertion: This new feature is also in a beta state and will help users when translating a text that contains measures (Metric or Imperial). Possible conversions will be added to the auto-suggest list. Enabled by default in Pandora's Box #8
  • Double click toggle to open/close a segment.
  • Glossary paging for remote TMGR glossary.
Version 4.11

  • Glossary improvements and changes : The attributes can be displayed in the glossary panel when clicking on the term. Highlighted terms in the source segment have different background colors for different glossaries. Glossaries are sorted after download.
  • New privilege when sharing a TM to allow guests to see the email of other guests.
  • New feature for MT to enable it on already translated file. See the "Enable MT for review" check box in the MT configuration. It is useful for a bilingual file when source segments are copied to the target.
  • Lots of small improvements like TBX file upload and download, showing tag content in the status bar and in a popup if clicking on the status bar, some new FAQ articles.
  • Many bugs fixed with MyMemory operation, adding a remote glossary with a given URL, glossary counts, Auto-suggest, Google and Dropbox access and more.
Version 4.10

  • 4 more new Insert char buttons are now available in the Edit tab. Go to Wordfast Anywhere tab => Preferences.png Setup button for customizing them in the Pandora's Box tab #5. 4 more shortcuts has been created to match them: Shift+Ctrl+1 until Shift+Ctrl+7. It can be customized in the Shortcuts tab. click on the Restore default shortcuts to add them all.
  • 1 new Delete targets button also in the Edit tab to empty all targets from the document. Please use it sparingly.
Version 4.9.0

  • The segment tool bar has been implemented back. Go to Wordfast Anywhere tab => Preferences.png Setup button. It can be enabled in the General tab and customized in the Pandora's Box tab #17
  • Concordance matches are now sorted by date.
Version 4.8.0

  • Glossaries can now be downloaded to TBX format.
  • Spellcheck dictionaries have been updated and new languages have been added.
Version 4.7.0

  • Voice Speech feature has been added. This new feature is in a beta state and only available for Chrome on Translation tab => Mic.png Web Speech Beta button and will allow users to dictate the text of the target segment when a segment is opened. For more information check Help tab => Wikipedia16w.jpg Manual button.
  • View tab => Batchmonitor16 views.png Document Layout can now be mapped to a shortcut. No key combination has been assigned, you need to set in on Wordfast Anywhere tab => Setup.png Setup button.
  • Text selection to add terms to the glossary has been improved. Now several words can be selected on both source and target to add them to the glossary using the shortcut (default, Ctrl+Alt+T).
  • Notification warning has been made more visible, now a red text will be shown on the top bar next to the tabs names. Remember notifications are shown on Wordfast Anywhere tab and should be removed after reading.
Version 4.6.0

  • The small Share button in the TMs and glossaries management dialog has been improved and simplified. The big Manage sharing button is kept for advanced sharing.
  • New option for a confidential document share which do not allow download. See File tab => Share button.
  • A document can be opened in WFP4 online even if it is already opened in Wordfast Anywhere.
  • The Find & Replace tool in Edit tab can now find and replace on the source segment.
Version 4.5.0

  • New IATE glossaries, build from the IATE dowload at http://iate.europa.eu/.
  • The status bar has been improve again adding the glossary information.
  • A document can be shared in read only. When a document is shared in the normal way, the guest can work and the owner can see the document in read-only. If the document is shared in read-only, the owner can work and the guest see the document in read-only.
Version 4.4.0

  • New MT engine MyMemory. It offers 1000 words per day. No key needed.
  • New target character counter in a new cell of the status bar.
Version 4.3.0

  • New Tools button to reverse and assemble TMs and glossaries.
  • Improvement of the statistics report to show words and characters percentages.
  • Possibility to download multiple TXML files.
Version 4.2.0


Custom tab

  • You can customized the last tab to have your own buttons used for translation in one place.
Version 4.1.1


UI improvement of 4.1.0

  • The tabs can be opened either with the click or with the mouseover. Go to the Setup to configure.
  • Improvement of the Analysis and pre-translate process.
Version 4.1.0


UI improvement of 4.0.0

  • The tabs are opened with the mouseover
  • We added an auto-hide buttons mode. it is not set by default. if you want to try go to Wordfast Anywhere tab => Setup button => tick Auto-Hide buttons
  • The outline status (open/close) is now saved even after a logout.
Version 4.0.0


New User Interface
All commands are re-ordered in a new top panel. 8 new tabs containing buttons.

Version 3.7.1


Assembling of TMs or glossaries
You can assemble several TMs or glossaries of the same language pair and download them as one file. In a second step, you can upload that new TM or glossary and remove the old ones.
In the TMs and glossaries dialog, selected first the TMs or glossaries by checking them in the active column then click on the assemble button.

Version 3.7.0


Tilde Terminology service
A new type of glossary has been implement giving access to Tilde Terminology service. In the glossary setup click on the add button then choose Tilde Terminology service.

Version 3.6.0


Machine translation
Add Iconic MT engine for patent translation. See the detail in the MT dialog how to use it.
TM usage
Some improvement with the read-only mode and a new icon has been addded to the status bar on bottom right.
Segment tool bar
You can now configure the buttons you want to keep on the bar.

Version 3.5.0


Add a button on the segment toolbar after the provisional button to propagate the target on all the same source in the document.

Version 3.4.0


Cloud storage
Dropbox has been implemented as a new storage for upload and download of files.
Improvement of configuration dialog.
Add chunks of MT and an improvement to trigger the auto-suggest.
TM rules
Add the option: Do not overwrite existing TU

Version 3.3.3


Cloud storage
Google drive has been implemented as a new storage for upload and download of files.

Version 3.3.0


New welcome page
Wordfast Anywhere start new. Security has been strengthened with a more attractive welcome page.
You can reset your password even if your login is not a valid email by using the security question.
The security question and answer can be set in your profile.