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Here is some troubleshooting advise to help you solve potential Wordfast issues (or software issues affecting Wordfast).

General recommendations

  • First of all, when software problems occur, don't panic and be attentive. Note what error messages say and try to figure out what triggers the problems. The information may help you sort out the problem. If it does not, it might help experts advising you.
  • Reboot (restart) your computer and run only the programs you need. Does the problem persist?
  • Does the problem occur with a specific document to translate? Try working with a short, simple test document. Does this solve the problem? If so, the troublesome document may be corrupted.
  • If a specific document causes problems, there are no special or accented characters in the file name. Also, the path to that file (names of folders) should not contain any special or accented characters. If you suspect special characters could be a problem, we recommend you should rename a copy of the document using non-accented Western characters (such as testCopy.doc) only and move the file to a folder like C:/myFolder under Windows or MacHD:myFolder on a Mac.

License problems

  • xyz

Wordfast Classic troubleshooting

  • Third-party add-ins in MS Word can interfere with WFC, causing crashes, keyboard shortcuts conflicts, or other issues. It is recommended to turn off any third-party MS Word add-ins when you work with WFC. In fact, WFC temporarily deactivates most of them automatically when you load WFC (unless you activate Template= in Pandora's Box). Some MS Word add-ins (typically COM add-ins) can't be easily disabled in Word, though; unfortunately, some of them (for example, those related Send via bluetooth[1], Abbyy PDF tools, or Adobe tools) are known to cause WFC troubles on some systems. These persistent add-ins can usually be removed from MS Word only by modifying the installation of the program they belong to or by completely uninstalling the program (and then installing it without MS Word integration).

Wordfast Pro troubleshooting

  • abc

Wordfast Anywhere troubleshooting

  • klm

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