Translating Mindjet MindManager Files

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  • The MMAP file is a compressed archive. When I changed its extension to ZIP, I was able to Extract its contents. I copied Document.xml to translate it.
  • If you open Document.xml in a text editor, you will see that the translatable parts are identified in the attribute: PlainText.
  • To translate Document.xml in Wordfast Pro, I just created a very simple two-line *.properties file (click here to download it)
  • To open the XML file in Wordfast Pro, go to Edit menu > Preferences > Formats > New > Text-based Filter.
  • Click the [...] button to locate the (*.properties) file. Make sure the "Extension" textbox shows *.xml and save the settings (OK).
  • Now, you should be able to open the XML file in WFP (File menu > Open file).
  • After translation, replace the original Document.xml with the translated one, zip the files again, and restore the MMAP extension.
  • Now, you should be able to open the translated MMAP in Mindjet MindManager Professional.

Here is a quick demonstration showing the steps.

I think it would be much easier if the Mindjet MindManager developers add a two-way option to the application itself for importing and exporting back the XML file.

--Yasmin Moslem 05 June 2012

Version: Wordfast Pro 5 5.7.0.RC2 Operating System: macOS

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