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Here are steps that will let you turn off the lightweight mode of the JxBrowser editor in Wordfast Pro 5 in MacOS. This article is written as of Wordfast Pro version 5.11.1.

You may want to follow these steps in order to fix specific problems in the Wordfast Pro editor, especially after you have discussed this with the Wordfast hotline team and you are aware of the downside: this can cause frequent Wordfast Pro crashes when you open or close the app.

The steps

1. Close Wordfast Pro 5.

2. Open Finder and go to the Applications folder in Finder.

3. Right-click the Wordfast Pro app and select Show package contents.

4. Go to Contents > Java > Configuration folder and open config.ini file in TextEdit.

5. Go to the end of the code in the file and look for the following two lines (both should be near the end but not necessarily next to each other):


6. Enter the number sign at the beginning of each of the two lines, so they will look like this:


7. Save and close the file in TextEdit.

8. Open Wordfast Pro 5.

Reverting the steps

To revert the steps and run Wordfast Pro 5 with the JxBrowser in the lightweight mode again, follow the same steps and remove the number signs you entered in the config.ini file.

Note that when you download Wordfast Pro 5 for Mac (version 5.11.1 or newer) and install it again in Applications on your Mac, replacing the existing version, this will also automatically set JxBrowser to the default mode.