Mac-related issues in Wordfast Pro

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The installation of Wordfast Pro 5 on a Mac should be straightforward. Just double-click the downloaded DMG file, then slide the Wordfast icon into the Applications folder.


Rename the old Wordfast Pro if you want to keep it, and install the new one. That is it!


Wordfast Pro Aligner is a beta module for Windows only. To align your old translations done without a CAT tool to create a Translation Memory, you can either use one of our other Alignment tools or Bitext2TMX.

PDF Conversion

You can use Wordfast Word Count to convert PDF files. WFWC is an automatic tool that counts the words in your documents using the same word count methodology as Wordfast. The tool will also convert PDF files into DOCX files.

Constantly crashing

Is Mac constantly crashing? If you have a touch bar, please follow the instructions and download the fix located in this folder.