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Mac Background

Some people believe that Mac is mainly useful for publishing houses and DTP or multimedia specialists. On the contrary, it is very easy to get into an endless argument about whether or not Mac is the best option for translators. However, the fact is that most of CAT-related problems translators encounter on Mac are mainly the result of Mac illiteracy while others are related to development challenges!


You can download and install the latest version of Wordfast Professional for Mac available at WFP download page.

If you have problems downloading Wordfast Pro for Mac from the above-mentioned link or if you find the downloaded package less than 90 MB, try to download it again at


Installation of Wordfast Pro on Mac should be straightforward. Just double-click the downloaded gz archive; the Wordfast app will be extracted into the same folder; you can run it directly or copy an alias where you prefer.

If you have a problem in your Mac built-in extraction utility, you can use an external extraction tool such as Zipeg.


Rename your old Wordfast app, and install the new one. That is it!


Wordfast Pro Aligner is a beta module for Windows only. To align your old translations done without a CAT tool to create a Translation Memory, you can either use Wordfast Online Aligner or Bitext2TMX.

PDF Conversion


Common Issues

Most of the Mac issues can be solved by creating a new user account and installing Wordfast on it.