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If you are experiencing problems with the online registration, this is likely caused by a firewall that is preventing Wordfast Pro 5 from “calling home” to verify your activation key.
#REDIRECT [[How to license Wordfast Pro]]
If this happens, you can [[How to license Wordfast Pro 5#How to license Wordfast Pro 5 (manual)|manually activate]] your license.
Please note three important issues related to manual registration:
# As of version 5.8, you must click on '''Copy to clipboard''' to copy the manual activation string.
# When emailing the manual activation string, '''DO NOT''' use an email subject or signature.
# Your company may have an email firewall that prevents you from receiving the license file. Try using a private email account to send the activation string and double check your spam or promotions folder for the email containing your license file.
Version: Wordfast Pro 5.8 <br> Operating System: macOS
--[[User:John|John]] 18 April 2017
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