How to license Wordfast Pro 3

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Three steps to license Wordfast Pro on your computer

To license Wordfast Pro on your computer, follow the three steps detailed below. You can also watch this video.

Step one: Find out what your current install number is

  • Open Wordfast Pro and go to Help menu / License Management.
  • Copy the INSTALL NUMBER currently shown in Help / License Management menu.
(If you can't see the install number there, see Troubleshooting section below.)

Important: Always use the install number shown in Wordfast Pro now. Never re-use an old install number you may have seen in Wordfast Pro in the past because it would not work.

Step two: Generate licence file at our website

  • Log in at Wordfast website ( or ( with your login email and password.
  • Select a valid license in the list. (The license file will be generated for that license. This is important for clients who own more than one valid license.)
  • Paste the install number in the box labelled Your Wordfast PRO 3 install number (8 figures).
  • Click Generate License.
  • Download the licence file from our website.
  • Note: To download the licence file, right-click the download link on the confirmation page, and select Save link as (or some something along these lines - the exact wording depends on your browser). Save the licence file (*.lic) to your desktop (or any folder on your computer).
  • Note: The licence file is very small (less than 1 kilobyte) and downloads very fast.
  • Note: You will also receive a copy of the license file by email from our system. Use it if you cannot download the license file.
  • When you download the licence file, it's zipped (the file extension is .zip) for security reasons. Make sure to extract (unzip) the licence file before you use it.

Step three: Load the licence file in Wordfast Pro

  • Open Wordfast Pro and go to Help / License Management.
  • Click License Manager.
  • Select (Re-)Install a license Certificate.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Browse.
  • Navigate to the licence file (*.lic).
  • Click Open.
  • Click Next, Next, and finally Finish.
  • Restart Wordfast Pro, i.e. close and open the application.


I can't log in at the website

Please see how to log in. The article also advises how to recover your password.

I can't see the install number

If you can't see the install number in Help / License Management menu in Wordfast Pro, the License Management window is likely too small. Enlarge it by resizing the window. If you are not sure how, see this short video.

My Pro remains in the DEMO MODE

If you followed all three steps to license Wordfast Pro on your computer, and yet it continues to display DEMO MODE in the title bar, check these things:

  • Go to Help / License Management in Wordfast Pro. See the install number. Is it the same as your licence file name? If not, generate a new licence file. When you do so, make sure you use the install number shown in Wordfast Pro on your computer.
  • Make sure the date on your computer (the system date) is good.
  • Mac users: when you unzip a fresh license file in a folder where you keep a previously created license file, MacOS may append a number to the file name of your new license file, so it will be called 12345678(1).lic, rather than just 12345678.lic. When you load the license file in Wordfast Pro 3, make sure you don't load the old one!
  • Check the file size of the licence file. It should be about 650 bytes. If it's 0 bytes, it's dead (most likely, an overzealous security software on your computer or mail server deleted its contents thinking it was dangerous). When this happens, see if the copy of the license file you received by email is good; your can also try generating the licence file from another computer. If nothing helps, contact us and let us know your install number.
  • When you generate a new license file after you renewed your license, make sure you don't confuse the new license file with the old one you may still keep on your computer. If you save the new license file in the same folder where the old one is located, MacOS might add a “2” at the end of the file name of the new license file; make sure you avoid this by removing the old (expired) license file first or by saving the new one in another folder.