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Before contacting the Wordfast team with a question, please make sure you first try to find the answer yourself by searching this wiki site and other relevant sources, especially and Googling for answers or using Wordfast user forums is also recommended.

Contact form

Use the contact form to submit:

  • sales and pre-sales questions;
  • problems downloading, installing, or licensing WFP or WFC;
  • comments to Wordfast software products or websites;
  • suspected WFP or WFC bugs or inconsistencies that hinder your work.

When submitting a query, you are required to specify your email address to let the Wordfast team answer your query.

To report suspected bugs in Wordfast Anywhere or comment on it, go to the Help menu in Wordfast Anywhere and click Bug report or Comment.

Hotline form

WFP or WFC license holders with a valid hotline subscription are encouraged to submit their technical questions using the hotline form, accessible after login at our website ( The Wordfast team answers hotline queries by email.

As per the Wordfast license agreement, one-year hotline subscription is included in every purchase of a new Wordfast license. When the subscription expires, the user can extend it for a small fee (after login at

There is no hotline support for free Wordfast tools, such as Wordfast Anywhere or PlusTools.