How can I install and license my Wordfast?

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License Agreement

The licensing terms and conditions are set in the Wordfast End-User License Agreement (EULA). It's a short, useful document. Make sure you don't ignore it.

Download and License Wordfast Classic

Log in to your account at our website ( and download the latest version of Wordfast Classic. The download is a ZIP file and contains both the program file ( and installation instructions (WFReadMe.doc).

Extract (unzip) the ZIP file and then follow the instructions in the WFReadMe file and/or see How to install Wordfast Classic.

When you start using Wordfast Classic (6.0 or newer) in MS Word on your computer, it will license itself automatically, supposing your computer has internet access. The status of your license should be shown on the [?] tab in Wordfast Classic.

For details about Wordfast Classic licensing, see how to license Wordfast Classic.

Download and License Wordfast Pro legacy (version 3.x)

First, download and install Wordfast Pro 3 on your computer.

Second, license your Wordfast Pro 3 installation by following these instructions how to license Wordfast Pro 3.

Download and License Wordfast Pro

To use Wordfast Pro (version 4 or newer) in the full mode, follow these steps: First, download and install it on your computer. Second, activate your license in Wordfast Pro on your computer.

Download and License Wordfast Server

First, download and install Wordfast Server on your computer.

Once installed, to license Wordfast Server, follow these steps:

  1. Log in at Wordfast website ( with your login email and password.
  2. Click License/Relicense/Renew.[1]
  3. If there is more than one license in the list, select a valid Wordfast Server license by clicking on the circle in the lefthand column. The activation key will be generated for that license.
  4. Start Wordfast Server, click the Setup tab, then click 'General'.
  5. Copy the twelve-character install number from Wordfast Server and paste it in the form.
  6. Type in the version number on the form as it is written in the title bar of Wordfast Server (e.g., without any hyphen and bit number (e.g. “- x64”).
  7. Click on "Generate License" to obtain a license.
  8. Copy, then paste the license number into the WFServer License textbox, click the 'Activate' button. The red Demo mode warning should stop flashing, and the License textbox should now have a white background. You may need to restart Wordfast Server.

Manuals and Help

Wordfast Classic:

Wordfast Pro 3:

Wordfast Pro 5:

Wordfast Server:



  1. If you don't see this button right after login on the website, go to support / my account menu on the website.

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