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When a source segment contains a footnote reference (a number that looks like this: 1 and which, if double-clicked, opens the corresponding footnote), start translating the target segment as usual. At the point where the footnote reference should appear in the translated text, use Ctrl+Alt+left/right to select the footnote reference (it should be boxed in red), then transfer it into the target segment using Ctrl+Alt+Down. If these shortcuts are not available, you can use the corresponding icons (Next/Previous/Copy Placeable) in the WFC toolbar.

You can also manually select the footnote reference, cut it (not copy it) and paste it into the target segment. The important point is to actually cut (not copy) then paste the footnote reference (move the footnote reference), otherwise you would duplicate notes.

When the document's translation is over, double-click any footnote reference to open the footnote pane (the current window will split and the bottom half will show footnotes) to translate the actual footnotes. Simply put your cursor in a footnote and start translating as usual with WFC. You can translate foonotes immediately after a segment, by closing the segment then opening the footnote pane and translating the footnote. But I recommend translating all footnotes in a separate translation session when the document's translation is over.

After you transfer a footnote reference, WFC will replace the source segment's original footnote reference with a "dummy" footnote reference number, so the revisor can know where the original footnote reference position was.

Note that when there are multiple footnotes references in the same segment, they will appear wrongly numbered after you transfer the first footnote reference. The correct numbering will be restored when you transfer the segment's last footnote reference.

In case of mistake, use Ms-Word's undo function immediately after pasting a footnote..

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