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WfServer.exe is a stand-alone Windows application. It does not need any installation. It does not need any DLL. WfServer.exe can be dropped in any folder and started.

WfServer.exe can be declared as a Windows start-up application (launched when Windows starts) so that it launches itself if the system reboots. WfServer.exe cannot be run as a Windows service.

The workstation where WfServer.exe is installed (the server) must have a fixed sub-domain or domain name, or a fixed IP address, where it can be reached. If the server is located inside a Local Area Network (LAN), and is to be used by translators outside the LAN, the administrator must make sure the server can be reached from outside the LAN using a fixed domain or subdomain name, or a fixed IP address.

If only translators located within the LAN use the server, it is possible to use only the LAN IP number. The Setup > Network tab displays the server’s current local (LAN) IP number and the server’s WAN, or Internet, IP address. That Internet IP address is usually assigned by the LAN administrator. It can also be determined on the workstation by visiting although only the network administrator can guarantee visibility from the WAN (Web).