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An unlicensed copy of WFC is randomly limited to approximately 1000 Translation Units, sometimes more. Note that without a valid license, WFC may accept larger translation memories, but at some point above 1000 TUs, WFC will halt. All your work and data (translation memories, glossaries, documents etc) is safe - but WFC may refuse to go any further. In case of real need, emptying the translation memory will restart WFC.

You will find FAQs on this topic at

and a complete description of the licensing scheme at Wordfast's Wiki at

You will find the WFC End User License Agreement at

You must have downloaded and installed WFC before buying a license. You must have tried WFC on your system before you decide buying it.

After buying a license to use WFC, you receive a set of credentials (an email address and a password). With those, log in at, then proceed to the WFC download page, and download a registered version of WFC.

If your computer is connected to the Internet, a registered WFC should automatically recognize whether it is licensed or not. This automatic licensing method works even if your internet connection is intermittent. WFC needs to connect to the centralized licensed server at once every fortnight.

If automatic licensing is successful, the ? (About Wordfast) tab in WFC's setup window displays an obfuscated view of the email address you provided when buying a license. After four different installations or re-installations in the same year, we require a simple email communication to the WFC hotline. Simply state why there were four installations in the same year on four different disk drives. The reasons can be that you moved to four new or different computers in the same year, or you had to frequently format your hard disk. Your counter will be reset, and you will be able to license WFC again for other drives. The End User License Agreement can be consulted at Licenses can be used only by the buyer, and cannot be given to, sold to, transferred to any third party.

During the automatic internet licensing, WFC sends the license server an encrypted string of characters that contain WFC's unique serial number, as well as a so-called "Install number" which reflects a few non-confidential, anonymous characteristics of the local hard disk. Here is an example of what that encrypted number looks like:


The license server decrypts the identifier, verifies the corresponding license validity, and sends back a yes/no reply. No confidential or personal information (such as names, email address, location, etc.) is sent over the internet. If no internet connection is found, WFC runs in full mode to make sure you can work.

If you intend to use WFC for professional activity, do not wait until the last minute to buy a license, as this process make take a few hours to complete with a credit card, or a week by bank wire, cash transfer, check, etc.

The entire WFC application is contained in one single template ( and this file is the same for all platforms (PC/Windows, Mac, Linux, etc). You can check from time to time or join a mailing list (see the community page in the website) to see if an upgrade has been released.


The author or distributor(s) of WFC do not accept any liability for the use or misuse of WFC. When buying a license, users recognise they had sufficient time to try and test WFC on their particular system and are willing to use it as it is, however imperfect WFC may be. Specifications outlined in this manual may be changed at any time without prior warning, and are not binding.

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