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Wordfast is now commercial

Wordfast 2 was distributed free of charge in 2002 for an installation on a particular computer. This particular installation returned a unique "install" number, for which a unique license was distributed freely.

It was always made clear that one day Wordfast would become commercial software - as the manual stated in version 3:

«License cost: refer to our website ( for current pricing conditions.»

Free licenses were delivered in 2002 for a particular installation, and remained valid as long as the install number did not change (the install number could change when formatting/changing the hard disk).

Throughout September 2002, we polled a public translation tool discussion group on how Wordfast should be priced. Wordfast`s current price is the result of that poll.

This price is about one-fifth what other translation tools cost; a substantial discount is offered to free-lance translators located in economic zones that can`t afford regular software pricing; gratuity is offered to educational and/or humanitarian organizations.

We keep +TOOLS free for all.

The Wordfast Team

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