WF Classic LAN Sharing

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Working in network mode while using Wordfast Classic

The same translation memory can be shared by an unlimited number of users over a LAN (Local Area Network). Every Wordfast user that shares a TM over a LAN should simply open the shared translation memory through the network. All users that share a TM over a LAN should use the same version of Wordfast (same version and same build number).

Windows users: use mapped networked drives/folders rather than long network drive/folder names. To map a network drive, use Windows Explorer's Tools/Map Network Drive menu and assign a volume letter to the drive (or even to the drive + folder) where the shared TM is located. As a result, the TM's path would be perhaps Q:\MyFolder\MyTm.Txt rather than \\BillysMachine\MyFolder\MyTm.Txt.

Every user should have a different set of User initials.

A short checklist:

  • Same Wordfast version and build;
  • All users have a different "User ID";
  • Map network drives.

Glossaries can be shared over a LAN. Proceed as with TMs. Check this option even if only one out of the three glossaries is shared. But uncheck this option if none of the glossaries is shared, because sharing glossaries can make terminology recognition a little slower.

Do not index a glossary when it is shared (Wordfast will prevent you from doing so anyway). As with TMs (see above), use mapped networked drives.