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Comparison Chart between Wordfast and other CAT tools

Wordfast Trados Workbench SDLX
Price Very affordable Awfully expensive Moderately priced.
Protection mode Totally transparent Physical dongle. Pray you don`t lose it. Both protection modes, at buyer`s choice
Quality-check functions Yes No No
Real-time glossary control Yes No No
Real-time blacklisted term control Yes No No
Mac/PC compatibility Yes No Yes, with PC emulator
Link to external dictionaries Yes, any  dictionary, like yours Only Multiterm No
Integrated, customizable glossaries Yes, 3 glossaries Not even one Yes, one
Complete integration with Ms-Word Yes No. You`ll be running 2 separate apps. No. You`ll be running 2 separate apps.
Network support Yes Yes Yes
Background memory Yes Yes No
Clipboard respect when working Yes No. Clipboard lost between segments. Yes
Tagged files support Yes Yes Yes
Supports files with jumps & popups Yes Yes Yes
Translate directly from Ms-Excel™ Yes No Needs a conversion to tab-delimited and lose formatting
Translate directly from Ms-PowerPoint™ Yes Thru an extension Yes
Translate directly from Ms-Access™ Yes No No
User-friendly TM format Yes:Ms-Word™/Excel™ etc compatible No Yes
Footprint 500 Kb zip. Easy download, installs in 3 seconds. CD-ROM, or  endless download CD-ROM, or long download
Link to Machine Translation Yes, to virtually any MT package No Yes, but to their own MT package and you`ll need to buy it.
Direct HTML translation Yes Yes Yes

Comparison based on Wordfast 3.34 and Trados Translator`s Workbench 3.
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